ZBiddy Reviews

ZBiddy Reviews

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Zbiddy Update! Zbiddy is now Beezid

That’s right, Zbiddy has thrown in the ropes and now sends all their traffic to Beezid. Please comment below if you’ve made the switch.

Zbiddy Review




Oh! Sorry. We nodded off there for a second, but Zbiddy.com sure didn’t! If you were in to penny auction sites and blinked, chances are Zbiddy.com just popped up on you out of nowhere! Seriously. Over the last couple of years Zbiddy.com has really been taking the penny auction world by storm.

How could we not check this site out with its crazy splash on the scene? As always, if you’ve recently used Zbiddy.com feel free to leave your own review at the bottom of this page.

Zbiddy Reviews

Perhaps the intense popularity of Zbiddy.com is due in part to their approach to new bidders. Zbiddy.com has what they term “Zbiddy Rookie Edition”. Basically, the Zbiddy Rookie Edition auction is an auction that only brand new members can participate in. Now, that’s a great learning tool/advantage if you don’t really know what you’re doing yet. . . but of course, there’s a catch: Winning is basically a certainty, but you have to purchase a Zbiddy.com bid package if you want to claim your winnings. We’re not super excited about that element of the rookie auctions, but we ended up winning a pretty sweet auction so we’re not too upset about life.

Zbiddy.com definitely has its thinking cap on and they also figured out a great way to keep people coming back to their site to log-in every day. The Zbiddy.com Zwheel operates just like the famous wheel on the Price Is Right. You can spin the wheel once a day and the number you land on that day gives you that many free bids. It pays for you to get your spin on once a day (which also then makes it more likely you participate in more auctions). We see what you’re doing you tricky Zbiddy.com executives.

In addition to some of the gimmicks (that work), Zbiddy.com offers a decent variety of auctions. It’s similar in variety to sites like BidCactus, but you won’t find as many as you will on other sites like Quibids, Beezid or DealDash. There are good variety of products as well. Like HappyBidDay, Zbiddy.com offers free-to-participate auctions from time to time. But again, if you’re looking for free bids, go to the Zwheel.

Zbiddy.com Shipping and Fees

Like most of the smaller/newer penny auction sites out there, Zbiddy.com charges for shipping on all of their auctions. However, the shipping fees are comparable to the fees on other penny auction sites. A nice aspect of Zbiddy.com is that they do offer a nice return policy within 14 days of getting your item.

Am I going to get scammed and start crying?

We have not been able to find any evidence that Zbiddy.com is a scam. They have a great reputation for shipping winning items in a timely manner. We can’t find anything out there other than the typical misunderstandings that happen with any penny auction sites.

Zbiddy: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (if there is any ugly)

The Good: Zbiddy.com has some fun (although a little gimmicky) auctions like their Rookie Edition auctions. The competition is only of a medium intensity. They have a great return policy and the Zwheel is going to get you free bids daily.

The Bad: The biggest negative of Zbiddy.com is that they just don’t have the volume and number of bids that some of the other popular sites have. That’s a bummer on an otherwise great site.