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Top Beginner Penny Auctions

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Penny auctions can be very fun, and for some, very lucrative. But, as with everything, there’s a definite learning curve. Some sites are huge and full of very experienced bidders. For newbies, participating in these sites and auctions would be like walking into an NFL game and thinking you can play with the pros because you’ve watched football on TV.

To avoid disaster, it’s important for beginners to take things slow and learn the ropes. This page is going to give you some tips and talk about the best sites for beginners.

Penny Auction Size

We’ve all known it’s true even though people will deny it, but size DOES matter!

Strangely enough, both very large penny auction sites and very small penny auction sites are bad for beginners.

Large penny auction sites like DealDash are insanely competitive and can be very distracting to new bidders.

We’ve noticed that beginners do one of two things time and time again:

  • They spread their bids in too many auctions at the same time. This is like taking a drop of food coloring and putting it in the ocean. It’s going to disappear in seconds! This makes it incredibly hard to win even one auction. It’s better to take your resources and focus on one auction. Don’t be tempted by the large volume of auctions.
  • They don’t understand how competitive the larger sites are. Heavy advertising and intense marketing budgets make these sites very, very popular. The more popular they are, the more bidders there are. The more bidders there are, the fewer percentage of winners there are. Beginners just get lost in the wave.

But don’t despair; there is one exception to the rule. Quibids is a huge penny auction site that consistently makes and effort to welcome and engage beginners. We have our suspicions as to why and how, but it always looks like beginners tend to win their first few auctions very easily. Of course, the future auctions get much, much more difficult. It’s a “Come on, the first one’s free,” approach. So beware.

Penny Auction Competition

The second, major thing to be aware of as a beginner is competition. In general, beginners should avoid penny auctions or sites that have a large number of competitors (which tends to happen on the sites that have high volume of auctions and members) AND sites that allow, or even encourage, power bidding. (You can read more about power bidding by clicking here.)

Basically, the larger penny auction sites tend to have very stiff completion while the smaller sites are home to intimidating power bidders. To find the balance, you need go to the midsized sites like HappyBidDays and BidCactus.

This will sound bad, but the penny auction sites with the poorest product selection naturally have the lowest levels of competition. If you can find a site that has products that you’re interested in, but don’t have a large amount of interest from other people, it is a perfect place for a beginner.

Start small and don’t go after electronics, iPads, TVs and computers right out of the gate!

Beginner Auctions

Some penny auction sites know how important it is to get new users to their sites. The hope is that once you come, you stay and they want you to stay so they offer a variety of auctions designed to make it easier for beginners.

You can consider these types of auctions as “training wheels”. These offer a great opportunity for you to learn the ropes and to develop strategies for bidding. You’ll also be able to learn your own style of bidding.

We believe that BidCactus offers the best auctions for beginners. They have a few different levels so that new bidders can learn in a comfortable environment while gradually stepping up.

The Best Sites for Beginners

You didn’t think we were going to just say this at the top of the page did you?!

Best Penny Auctions for Beginners

Here's an outline our favorite penny auctions for newbies!
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