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Penny Auctions with Free Shipping

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Free Shipping

Let us know if this sounds familiar: You’ve won an auction! You get up and dance around a bit and confetti starts falling from the air. You saved 65% of the item that you’re bidding on. Then, you sit back down and pull up a chair and watch your profits disappear with some crazy shipping costs.

It’s sad, but it’s a reality. But have no fear, there are some sites out there that offer free shipping. There are even some sites out there that offer free shipping all the time!

Penny Auction Shipping Details

Here's an outline of shipping costs for each of the major penny auction websites.
Penny AuctionTop FeaturesShipping detailsLinks

Free auctions, beginner auctions, buy it auctions, tons of contests, BBB A-rating.Charges for shipping.Review
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Lower competition, some free auctions, auctions for new bidders onlyCharges for shipping.Review
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BBB A-rating, WOT 'Good rating', tons of auctions. Overall great reputation.Free shipping in the USA.Review
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Quibids ReviewGames/badges to earn bids, BBB A-RatingFree shipping in the USA.Review
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We’ve prepared a little bit of a guide here for you so you know what to expect on the following sites:

DealDash Shipping and Processing Costs

When DealDash says free shipping, they mean free shipping . . . as long as you live in the Continental United States. You live outside of that and you’re in trouble. It is a good trade-off from the fact that these auctions tend to be incredibly competitive. So if you do win one, you’re good to go with free shipping!

Quibids Shipping and Processing Costs

No processing fees. No shipping costs whatsoever (again, inside the Continental United States). If you’re in the mood to win an auction and further stick it to the man by not paying for shipping, Quibids is for you.

Orangebidz Shipping and Processing Costs

Do you guys know what a unicorn is? What about a leprechaun or fairies? Well, Orangebidz is like all of those mythical creatures and their awesomeness wrapped into one site . . . but Orangebidz actually exists! Not only does Orangebidz offer free shipping on everything within the Continental US, but it is also a fairly small site with not a great deal of competition.

HappyBidDay Shipping and Processing Costs

HappyBidDay’s shipping and processing fees can all be a little steep. These fees all vary greatly depending on the auction but we know that free shipping is rarely an option or benefit of using their site. Sometimes they’ll send out some newsletters with some free shipping promotions, but don’t bet your life on them. Make sure you keep your eye out for them, but there are better places to look.

Beezid Shipping and Processing Costs

Beezid is the big guy on the block and they don’t really need to offer free shipping . . . so they usually don’t. There are other large sites out there that have started to offer free shipping, but Beezid doesn’t seem to be going down that path. We had hoped they would, but it doesn’t look promising. Like HappyBidDay, Beezid’s conditions and fees are listed at the bottom of each auction page.