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HappyBidDay Review

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HappyBidDay to you. HappyBidDay too you! HappyBidDay, dear reader, HappyBidDay to you!

happybidday-reviewSorry. We couldn’t help ourselves. Birthday’s come once a year, but HappyBidDays are 365/24/7. The claim to fame here is that HappyBidDay is a mid-sized penny auction site that is good for beginners and advanced users. It isn’t as big as some of the other sites out there like Quibids, Beezid or DealDash, but that’s why most people like it. There are a good variety of auctions (again, for beginners and more advanced users), decent shipping options and a nice reputation with bidders. Read below for more information and, as always, if you’ve used HappyBidDay before we’d appreciate you leaving your own review below.

Happy Bid Day Reviews

No matter what your experience or bidding level, HappyBidDay has you covered. The site offers beginner auctions like Happy Auctions (free participation) and Starter Auctions, which are reserved for new bidders. It makes sense for HappyBidDay to offer these types of auctions as it lets you learn about penny auctions in a comfortable way AND gets you familiar with HappyBidDay’s bidding systems and website. This way, you can gain great experience and practice so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated when you advance to higher auctions in more competitive atmospheres with higher-end products.

HappyBidDay also features something called “win limits”. As you’d expect, “win limits” puts restrictions on so-called power bidders. These restrictions limit the number of auctions that can be won in any given day, or even week. This is great for beginners as it actually allows them to be competitive without too much to worry about at first.

Now, for the experienced and advanced bidders: Again, HappyBidDay has you covered. Ipads, TVs, laptops, gold, silver and all that good stuff is available for bidding in their high end auctions. Resellers, or those who “resell” their winning bids and other power bidders have a great selection of the high-end products to bid on and compete for.

HappyBidDay Shipping and Fees

You’re going to get charged for shipping and processing, but that’s not really anything new and should be expected. The fees are calculated based on weight, size of product and where the product is being shipped from. However, to make life easy, each auction page has details about the shipping on the bottom of each auction page.
Am I going to get scammed and start crying?

As far as we can tell, no. HappyBidDay has a very decent reputation in the industry and amongst the online community. We are not currently aware of any shady practices and HappyBidDay has been in the industry for a long time. Mostly, that’s a great indicator that a site has something good going for it.

HappyBidDay: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (if there is any ugly)

The Good: There is a great balance between the number of auctions and the amount of competition. HappyBidDay is also a great place for beginners to learn AND ply their newfound skills in more advanced auctions. There are plenty of free bids, great selection of items, advanced bidders won’t get bored, fast shipping and good customer service that replies quickly and appropriately.

The Bad: If you’re obsessed with free shipping (like we are from time to time), HappyBidDay might disappoint. However, the shipping policies are clearly explained on all pages.

Happy Bid Day Business Information

Website: www.HappyBidDay.com
Competition: Medium
Coupon Codes: BP50FREE (50 free bids and 20%-40% off first bid package)
Free bids at sign-up: 50 Happy Auction Bids
Other ways to get free bids: Rewards program, facebook/twitter, periodic promotions

Address: 113 Barksdale Professional Center, Newark, DE 19711
Phone number: (302) 294-0879
Facebook: facebook.com/happybidday
Twitter: twitter.com/happybidday
BBB Rating: A-

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