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Disclosure: We are compensated in some cases for promoting advertisers on this website. To view our review and advertising policy, click here.

Our Process

We research different auction, penny auction and e-commerce websites and will write about different topics that we feel will be of value to our audience. Our goal is to help inform our readers with articles providing reviews and comparisons of different auction and e-commerce websites. When we find a new auction or e-commerce website, we have a standard research process by which we require every writer to follow before forming our opinions and rankings.

Ranking Criteria

We evaluate auction and e-commerce websites based on a variety of factors not limited to but including the following:

  • Price – Free Bids
  • Shipping Cost
  • User Experience
  • Return Policies
  • Special Features

We then compare and evaluate to show how the auction and e-commerce websites stack up, then provide our opinion/recommendation based on this information.

We do not provide positive reviews for compensation or products. All reviews and ratings are presented in good faith any views or opinions expressed are our own.

How We Get Paid

Although we may receive commissions when you click our links, here at pennyauction.reviews we truly believe in transparency and we make sure to keep things fair and balanced in our reviews and comparisons. All of our reviews and comparisons are 100% unbiased real reviews in order to help you make the best choice possible.