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DealDash Reviews

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DealDash Review

dealdash-reviewsAre you ready to dash? Are you ready to DealDash? Are you ready for a true DealDash Review? We hope the answer to at least the second question is “yes”!

Founded in 2009, DealDash is one of the longest-running and LARGEST penny auction sites in the US today. Before it went out of business, was one of the largest and most dominant penny auction sites operating in Europe. Well, DealDash bought in 2012 and incorporated their inventory and volume into their own.

DealDash offers a medium level competition environment and they offer some enticing promotions from time to time.

DealDash Reviews

If is the most beautiful and well-designed penny auction site around, DealDash is the utilitarian penny auction site that gets things done without the frills. It’s like the big, no AC, no Radio pickup truck that you know will always deliver (and with DealDash you’re going to get the deliveries for free, but more on that later).

Plain and simple, DealDash offers the highest volume of auctions than almost any other site out there. They enjoy a HUGE membership base that seems to fully support the volume of auctions that they offer on a daily basis. At a quick glance, DealDash offers incredible product variety, frequent auctions and free shipping on everything. Yes, you read that right: DealDash offers free shipping on everything all the time! See if you can beat that anywhere else!

The no-frills approach to penny auctions has some advantages and some disadvantages. There are no gimmicks with DealDash which we love. DealDash makes its bread and butter on auctions, plain and simple. They don’t need a bunch of special auction types to do it. The only specialty type auction that they use is something called “No Jumper” auctions. These auctions help limit the competition by closing itself to new bidders once the auction price reaches a certain level. That means if you’ve been in an auction from the beginning, you’re not going to have to worry about some jerk jumping in at the last moment and ruining your life.

DealDash Shipping and Fees

Did we mention that everything on DealDash is shipped for free all the time? Well, let’s say it again: DealDash offers all of its auction winners free shipping all the time (in the continental United States). They don’t provide that shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or outside the USA. But still, that’s pretty insane!

Am I going to get scammed and start crying?

The Better Business Bureau gives DealDash a rating of A- but it is not accredited. There is no reason to think that DealDash is a scam whatsoever. They have great customer service, a very good reputation within the industry and they make good on the auctions that are won. On top of all that, they are very open with their operating practices.

DealDash: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (if there is any ugly)

The Good: With DealDash, you’re going to get a very high volume of auctions, great products and variety of products, free shipping and their “No Jumper” auctions are a nice touch.

The Bad: The high volume is a double-edged sword as that also means that there is going to be a higher number of bidders. The competition can get pretty serious at times and you’ll want to know what you’re doing.

Deal Dash Business Information

Competition Level: Medium
DealDash Coupon Code: none needed
Free bids at sign-up: 0
Other ways to get free bids: Promotions, contests
DealDash Address: 1501 Broadway 12th Floor, New York, NY 10036
Phone number: (888) 749-4066
BBB Rating: A-

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