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Show Up Late


The late bidder has many different types of names. Among them are “spoilers” and “snipers”. Either way, we hate them. Spoilers are the bidders who sweep in to auctions at the last moment and steal the prize. Think of it like this: Have you ever been standing in line for something (a movie, a sandwich [...]

Bid on Low Cost Penny Auctions


We’ve all seen the commercials for penny auction sites, and if you haven’t here’s the gist: Some regular person (like you or me) is standing next to their new widescreen, HD TV that they just got for $50. Who doesn’t want that right? It all seems so easy! I mean, who couldn’t log on to [...]

Quibids Review


Quibids Review If you’ve ever heard of penny auction sites, then Quibids is the site that most likely made you aware they existed. Quibids is THE household name in the penny auction world. They even have TV commercials. As a matter of fact, their HUGE TV advertising budget has made Quibids the most visited and [...]

OrangeBidz Review


OrangeBidz Reviews Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange who? Orange you going to use for all your future penny auction needs? Despite its ridiculously awesome name (at least as far as knock-knock jokes are concerned) is actually one of the smaller sites out there. The idea is that they offer a smaller, gentler community [...]

ZBiddy Reviews


Zbiddy Update! Zbiddy is now Beezid That's right, Zbiddy has thrown in the ropes and now sends all their traffic to Beezid. Please comment below if you've made the switch. Zbiddy Review Zzzzzzzzz… Zzzzzzz… Zzzzz… Oh! Sorry. We nodded off there for a second, but sure didn’t! If you were in to penny auction [...]