2018 Penny Auction Reviews

2018 Penny Auction Reviews
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Welcome to the premiere 2018 penny auction review site on the internet! We know that you have a bunch of questions about penny auctions and the sites that host them and we’re looking forward to giving you all the information you need to find the best deals and have a positive experience.

We know that you’ve seen all the commercials of “regular” people bragging about the great stuff that they got for pennies on the dollar and now you want in! Well, we wish it was that easy! This site is designed to give everyone from newbies to experienced bidders all the information that you need about penny auction sites.

On our detailed auction review pages you’ll get site-specific tips and strategies, contact information and all kinds of additional information. If you’d like to get a PhD in penny auction bidding, this is the right place for you!

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RankPenny AuctionTop FeaturesFree Bids and Sign-upLinks

BBB A-rating, WOT 'Good rating', tons of auctions. Overall great reputation.None.Review
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Quibids ReviewGames/badges to earn bids, BBB A-Rating3 free sign-up bidsReview
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Lower competition, some free auctions, auctions for new bidders only2 free sign-up bids.Review
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The Best Penny Auction Websites

trophyThe top penny auction website really depends on the bidder. Some penny auction bidders are competitive and seek high-ticket wins and love the competition. Other bidders simply use penny auction websites to try to get a good deal on a computer, tablet, gift card or other item of interest. We hope you use the resources on this website to learn more about each penny auction website before participating.

What’s a Penny Auction?

hammerA penny auction, or 1-cent auction, is a pay to bid auction format which has recently become popular for seeking an entertaining shopping experience. In short, bidders in a penny auction are required to purchase bids in order to participate. Each biplaced expends 1 bid and the last bidder gets to purchase the auction item at the closing price. Each penny auction website has it’s own spin on the penny auction format but there are generrally how they work.

In summary, while auction websites like Ebay, Tophatter, and more follow a free to bid model, penny auctions charge for bids for the possibility of getting auction items really cheap.